Posted by: Stefanie Caraviello | June 6, 2011

Tort Reform Passage

I’ve spent countless hours at the South Carolina State House this session working alongside other business leaders to pass tort reform. I am happy to say those logged hours have paid off. After a coordinated effort on many fronts, tort reform has been sent to the Governor for signature. Below is a press release issued by the South Carolina Civil Justice Coalition on the bill and the work done on behalf of South Carolina businesses.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Joe Jones (803) 771 4271

With votes of 39 – 0 in the SC Senate and 99 – 16 in the House of Representatives for concurrence, the business community moved the mark higher for tort reform when legislation passed both houses and was sent to the Governor for signature this week.

“The business community has a lot of people to thank for their efforts to bring meaningful lawsuit reform to the Palmetto State,” said JJ Darby, NIFB SC State Director and SCCJC Chair. “Speaker Bobby Harrell worked with members to move the bill quickly through the House and Senators Larry Martin and Harvey Peeler guided the legislation through the debate in the Senate. Governor Nikki Haley’s strong stand for tort reform, and her frequent urging of passage also gave tremendous support to the effort.”

Cam Crawford who served as SCCJC Executive Director for eight years provided overall leadership and was the business community’s chief negotiator. Harry Lightsey, former BellSouth/AT&T General Counsel and CEO, and Gray Culbreath, SC Defense Trial Attorneys Association President, drew upon their extensive experience and that of their colleagues to keep the legislation on track. Rick Todd, President of the SC Trucking Association, served as SCCJC Legislative Chair and coordinated the lobbying effort.

This legislation was the second of two comprehensive lawsuit reform bills supported by the SC Civil Justice Coalition, the other having been passed by the legislature in 2005. The two bills have brought South Carolina more in line with its sister Southeastern states, and they make the business environment better for current and prospective companies who employee South Carolina people.


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